Cold soft D Syrup

An effective combination to treat symptoms of common cold & seasonal allergies



Criorpheniramine Maleate IP2 mg + Phenylephrine 5mg


  • Dry irritating cough
  •  Allergic Rhinitis
  •  Common cold & seasonal allergies
  •  Sinusitis
  •  Bronchitis


  • As prescribed by the physician


Cold soft D Syrup



  • Cold soft D Syrup An antihistamine that helps relieve allergic conditions like watery eyes, itchy throat, runny nose, and sneezing.
  •  Effectively reduces sneezing and rhinorrhea associated with the common cold of coldsoft D Syrup
  •  Causes less drowsiness and sedation than Promethazine


  • A powerful & safe cough supplement
  • Non-narcotic antitussive with actions lasting 6-8 hours
  • Better safety profile than codeine


  • Acts as a decongestant & helps relieve nasal congestion due to cold and cough
    Supplement to Joumal of my association of physicians of india MAY 2013 VOL 61
  •  Decreases swelling and allows nasal and respiratory passages to open up
  • Relieves nasal congestion due to cold and cough
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